The necessity of enterprise application SaaS



In today’s era, with the continuous development of information technology and the in-depth informationization of business processes by leading companies in various industries, many companies have gradually realized that information management is vital to the stability and timeliness of business development. effect. However, the problem that most small and medium-sized enterprises face is that they only have the willingness to manage informatization, but they do not understand the method of informatization deployment, and because of the high cost of informatization management and the lack of relevant experience in enterprises, they dare not implement it easily. In recent years, with the development of the SaaS architecture system, more and more companies can use large-scale group-level SaaS systems with lower budgets to lay a good foundation for the development of informatization. However, there are still many companies that are not moving forward because of their ignorance of the SaaS system and the lack of experience of the companies themselves. Based on the analysis of the importance of enterprises implementing SaaS architecture, the article explains the advantages of enterprises implementing such systems, helps enterprises understand SaaS, and promotes the healthy development of enterprises.


In 2019, “smart +” appeared in the government work report for the first time and began to take over “Internet +”, marking the in-depth development of digital transformation. “Smart+” will become a new driving force to transform traditional industries and promote the development of emerging industries. At the same time, the development of the digital economy and the digital transformation of industries also reflects a trend of rapid growth. In fact, even if many companies do not have the idea of ​​digital transformation, because of the needs of modern informatization, they urgently need products that can improve business efficiency and protect the core secrets of the company. Obviously, cloud services based on SaaS can provide all of this. It can be seen that the demand of modern enterprises for enterprise informatization is becoming more and more obvious, but there are still many enterprises who are discouraged from it. The reasons are nothing more than lack of experience, difficulty in deployment, and high cost.


1. Video conferencing is inefficient


Affected by the epidemic in 2020, many companies choose to let their employees work online. Have you ever encountered such a situation: In ordinary times, many things that can be explained clearly in a few words, but in the online mode, it takes a long time to explain; normal In offline meetings, people can communicate face-to-face in real time, and the communication will be smooth. Then, when it comes to online video meetings, the situation is indeed full. Why is this happening? Research has found that it is caused by the network delay when transmitting data. Generally speaking, the delay of a normal video conference will be between 100ms and 400ms. The delay time varies with the distance and the image quality. That is, under the same distance, the 360P delay is only Will be lower than 720P. The asynchrony of audio and video caused by network delay not only makes each participant feel very tired, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of video conferencing.



2. Cloud link speed is slow


Similarly, for the needs of enterprise informatization, going to the cloud is one of the important paths. Among the various departments or branches of an enterprise, if you want to achieve resource data sharing, overseas data access, etc., but the conventional computer services and cannot meet their data needs, then only use cloud computing technology.


Even though there are many companies using cloud computing technology, they still have a lot of trouble: For companies that have not yet popularized the use of cloud in the enterprise, they usually need high costs, professional technical personnel, and complete deployment. Factors can only start using the cloud, so it is difficult for them to start the first step, which creates a situation that even if they have the will, it is difficult to complete; the problem that they face for companies that are already using the cloud is distributed nodes The priority problem of the company, that is, due to priority issues in various departments or branches during transmission, the company’s nodes will be continuously moved away. Maybe your data will be transmitted after the node has been around the earth for a while! This will lead to slow enterprise access speed, slow synchronization update and other problems.



3. Problem solution


How to solve this problem simply and effectively? The answer is SaaS application. Based on SaaS application, Nobida has designed a series of network acceleration solutions for customers. Nobita is supported by SD-WAN technology, supported by hundreds of outlets around the world, 1000+POP access points are fully covered in all provinces and cities across the country, and customer access priority is improved; in addition, Nobita uses multi-line aggregation, and the main and backup lines are realized. Hot backup, dual network dual standby, no interruption, QoS quality assurance. To solve the problems of large network delay and slow access and video packet drop, the data directly selects the nearest node, which can allow customers to quickly access and access, which greatly improves work efficiency.


Similarly, Nobita considers that some companies have less contact with cloud services, so it adopts the concept of one-stop butler service, without the client enterprise investing too much manpower and material resources. Nobita combines the SaaS application process into a package, so that the client enterprise can immediately Plug and play. No professional network knowledge is required, and the customer experience is extremely simple with a highly cost-effective sales plan!