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About Ezlink

Ezlink is a senior cloud service provider with more than ten years of industry experience. It cooperates with the world's top cloud service providers and focuses on five categories of comprehensive cloud services: "cloud, network, acceleration, defense, and security". With professional technology, it is committed to Create a "easier to use, more worry-free" cloud service...

our products

Provide customized services and integrated packaging services, customized for each customer the most appropriate products and programs, and package package.

Desktop cloud

Centralized deployment of personal desktops in the data center to achieve unified desktop management to provide users with cloud desktops that can be accessed anytime and anywhere

The international network

Cloud Direct CDC;
Easy Connect VPN;
The international network

Products integrated

The safest mobile working platform-Pocket Assistant

Private cloud

Security is the most important thing for enterprises. Private cloud has the highest security. Solving the many bottlenecks in private can create a safe and easy-to-use cloud for customers!

Virtual private cloud

Highly autonomous virtual private cloud (VPC) Diversified formation of cloud intranet, providing independent subnet strategy and application services


Yi Cloud SSL VPN provides customers with the safest, fastest, and easiest mobile remote access solution to meet the requirements of the entire organization’s business system for secure release and access to the greatest extent