Financial cloud

Financial cloud

1.Industry structure

The financial industry is a highly regulated industry, policies and regulations, cloud computing in the primary problems in the financial industry is how to guarantee information safety and reliability.

Including the data information, the illegal use, not lost, and to ensure that the information are true and correct.Data in the financial information directly involves the economic interests of the social various aspects, so the importance of the information security is self-evident.


ø business extensibility

High elastic expansion, calmly face unable to forecast peak business;The SLA availability is as high as 99.95%, data reliability as high as 99.9999%



ø comprehensive value-added services

Professional services to DaiWei simplify operations management;Provide a VPN secure channel, dedicated access, customized virtual private cloud hosting, meet the demand of system architecture

ø IO performance guarantee

A more reliable plenty resource allocation mechanism, in extreme situations, also can effectively avoid resources for the jitter performance.

ø provide customized cloud computing services for the financial industry, has low cost and high flexibility, high availability, safety and compliance features, help financial customers to realize the transformation of from traditional IT to cloud computing.