Yi lian Cloud VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), Virtual Private Cloud:

1, in the cloud on private isolation network space, ensure that private and security

2, the user can customize the virtual network topology

3, full control of the cloud network resources (firewall, ACL, VPN…).




1) high autonomous virtual private cloud (VPC)

2) the formation of diverse cloud network, providing independent subnet strategy and application services

3) support independent firewall (ACL), independent SLB

4) security scanning monitoring, springboard ops independent high elasticity (business monitoring, alarm)

5) support the underlying cutting. Security isolation, cloud top single-family villas by the cloud area

Application scenarios:

Scenario 1: the general Web access


General common customer Web site access method has the following two kinds:


(1) direct access to the customer site;

(2) the customer added a CDN, under the CDN for a visit.



Scenario 2: customer VPN access or special line to the office:

(1) customers can through the VPN dial-up way into the VPC management;

(2) the company direct line to VPC.



Scenario 3: mixed mode

(1) physical servers connected to the VPC into Intranet


Scenario 4: VPC and customer unicom company

Main function and advantages:

(1) to a client on a number of different attributes VPC, and specify the VPC can exchange;

(2) the client company dedicated to the VPC to do management, data backup back to the company, etc.;



Scenario 5: how to deploy the shuttle interconnection

Line stringing of cloud point, MPLS network at home and abroad, customers can conveniently realize entity dedicated line connected network.