The SSL VPN products overview


Many organizations are faced with such challenges at present: branches, partners, customers and headquarters of foreign missions were asked at any time through the public network access internal data, office OA, ERP, CRM system, project management system, etc., which need a easy implementation, low operating costs of solutions to ensure the safety of the connection.Yi lian cloud SSL VPN good solved this problem, meet user remote secure access anytime and anywhere, and reduce the cost deployment and support.In addition, yi cloud security functions and is easy to use the SSL VPN outstanding features, can in critical business applications, help enterprises to strengthen the core application system security, ease of use, and stability.


Yi lian cloud SSL VPN to provide the safest and the most rapid and easy to use mobile remote access solutions, maximum satisfy the safety of the organization’s business system release and access requirements.

The SSL VPN products function

1. Safer – five security access control

Security is the base of using SSL VPN SSL VPN products from all aspects of using full consideration, and tailored to the five security access control, greatly guarantee the information security.


1.1 identity safe

1.2 the terminal security

1.3 transmission security

1.4 applications access security

1.5 audit security




2. The more quick – quick access to experience

Due to the cross operator bandwidth bottlenecks, a large number of repeated data, high packet loss high latency of the network environment such as adverse factors, access speed is often the biggest restricting factors of telecommuting.SSL VPN products from the link, transmission, data, application of the four levels of optimization, respectively, to provide users with the most rapid SSL VPN access people experience.


2.1 link optimization

2.2 transmission optimization

2.3 data optimization

2.4 application of optimization


SSL VPN products also support resource load balancing, high flow compression strength, WebCache, IPTunnel acceleration technology, comprehensive promotion remote access speed.


3. Easier to use high – end is easy to use experience

SSL VPN products can full support for Windows, Linux, MAC OS x, IOS, Android and other mainstream operating system, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari browser, suitable for all kinds of terminal equipment and the environment, provide the best user experience.


SSL VPN products overall consideration from the user access process, the SSL VPN login, SSL VPN use, application login, released four aspects to improve terminal ease of use.


3.1 the SSL VPN login

3.2 the SSL VPN

3.3 application to log in

3.4 applications

4. A more comprehensive, guarantee the stability of the VPN line
SSL VPN product support up to 253 devices of asymmetric cluster, so distributed cluster, etc, provides the high stability and the reliable safeguard for the organization’s business.Using asymmetric clustering, can achieve smooth expansion of the SSL VPN access platform performance, at the same time master the main working mode, the Session synchronization mechanism, etc. And ensure the stability of user access.Through in the main data center, data center building around the entire network SSL VPN distributed cluster, which can realize the data center the unity of the entire network resources through the SSL VPN access, quick access to the nearest, long distance heat for access, the entire network equipment centralized configuration management and so on.Ensure global mobile office users anytime, anywhere access to the best data center, access to the entire network resources.

3. The SSL VPN application scenario



1. Travel/personnel mobile office at home


2. The core platform security access system


3. More branch interconnection network


4. The collaborative office


Yi lian cloud SSL VPN can be used to access authorization for third party access to personnel and third party users require strict when access authentication, at the same time, according to the corresponding application system user access permissions, realize the network application system access permissions and security control, to ensure the safety of the business system.