OD VLL (On Demand Virtual Leased Line)

      Definition: The software-defined network (SDN) method is adopted to configure and manage dedicated lines, which can flexibly and dynamically allocate network resources according to user needs, thereby helping enterprises to interconnect networks in different regions. After the establishment of the dedicated line, telecommunication-level management and maintenance are provided to ensure the stable and normal use of the line. Supports network interconnection and interoperability of multiple business models, helping customers to achieve different network requirements for access services. Such as point to Internet, cloud point to cloud point, point to point, etc. Support multiple security protocols PPTP / L2TP / OPENVPN / IPSEC, etc. to ensure that the user’s network realizes safe interconnection and intercommunication.

Advantages of OD VLL

1. Use a proprietary network to provide customers with dedicated bandwidth services between cloud points

 2. Users can interconnect VMs at multiple cloud points to build a two-layer LAN, which can simplify network management

 3. You can order dedicated bandwidth users between clouds through a simple portal

 4. Customers can easily control the access bandwidth of each cloud point, and upgrade or downgrade the bandwidth as needed at any time

 5. Pay as you go charging mode, charging according to the bandwidth and time of the access point

 6. No contractual constraints, support short-term leases

 7. Support bandwidth flow test

 8. Flexible access methods, cross-regional access to the network, enjoy dedicated bandwidth to quickly access the network