Desktop cloud

Desktop cloud

Yi cloud desktop cloud

1. The customer environment deployment shall adopt HA mode, ensure that cloud desktop high availability;
2. Direct access customer office, ensure that the quality of the service speed and maximum;
3.7 X24 hours professional operations team, to provide all-weather operations support;
4. According to different customers, customized packages, really save costs for customers;
5. Rich cloud services ancillary products, provide the LB, CDN, such as technical services, customers can according to their own needs, different package resources to buy calls at any time.


Desktop cloud scenes

The advantage of the desktop cloud  

1. Centralized deployment, reducing maintenance upgrade desktop service level, maintenance is convenient;

2. Remote hosting, data isolation, high security;

3. A window, multiple desktop, can remote access;

Desktop cloud hosting desktop support access to use a variety of terminal equipment, network access way for enterprise users provides a very flexible work capacity, as long as there is network, employees can through the network into the enterprise of office environment to work.This approach provides the capability of the mobile office.

4. The centralized storage, disaster recovery fast;

Desktop cloud data is centrally stored in enterprise data center, therefore, the enterprise can be easily implemented in different sites, the data replication between disaster let desktop system into the whole enterprise IT system, constitute a complete system of disaster.When a disaster occurs, can quickly restore all managed desktop, ensure complete recovery business processing capabilities.

Yi cloud desktop cloud various scenarios offer instructions for 40 to 60 people scale (for example)